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Project Specs

Product category: Sliding door


After-sales Service: Free Replacement If Any Broken


Warranty: 10 Years


Open: Opening


Material: Glass

About China customized curtain wall:


Product name: China customized curtain wall


Supporting Construction of China customized curtain wall: Frame Type


Number of Layers: Single


Shape of China customized curtain wall: Standard Plane


Usage: Exterior Wall


Specila Function of China customized curtain wall: Photovoltaics Curtain Wall, Ventilation Curtain Wall, Intelligent Curtain Wall


Materials: Aluminum/Steel/ACP


Glass Option of China customized curtain wall: Double Glass, Triple Glass, Laminated Glass, Low E


Open Way: Sliding / Casement / Folding / Top Hung


Key features of China customized curtain wall:


Patented cold rolling process allows very precise design parameters, excellent load bearing compared to aluminium, superior air leakage and water penetration performance:


a) 1 dimensional accuracy of China customized curtain wall:0.3-0.5mm


b) High precision external corner radiuses of <1mm can be achieved with 2.5mm sheet


c) About advantage of China customized curtain wall:Superior fire resistance and insulation of 1-1.5 hours at 1800 degrees elsius (depending on glass specification)


d) Tensile resistance of China customized curtain wall: 6.96kN


e) Load bearing strength of China customized curtain wall:345MPa


f) Radio frequency welding is used on all joins to reduce loss of metal from excessive melting.


China customized curtain wall


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