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Project Specs

Product name: Custom China exterior facade


Port: GUANGDONG, China


Production Capacity: 7000tons/Year


Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union


Surface: Mill Finish


Transport Package: Standard Ocean Package


Specification: 50mm wide frame


Origin: China Mainland

About China Building Facade  


In architecture, the exterior of a building is usually the most important aspect because it sets the tone for the rest. From the China building façade manufacturers’ point of view, it is also very important because of its impact on energy efficiency. In modern high-rise buildings, they are usually hung on concrete floors. Examples include curtain walls and precast concrete walls. For example, if two buildings are in close proximity, the building facade may be required to have a fire rating to reduce the likelihood of spreading from one building to another.


Curtain walled buildings are a type of building where the exterior walls are not completely open to the outside world. This type of building is usually used for businesses or offices, where it is important to keep people and materials inside. Curtain walled buildings can also be used in cases where it is dangerous or illegal to have an open exterior.


Features &Advantages  


-The Building Facade is an innovative new product that allows you to easily and quickly create a beautiful and professional looking building facade

-The Building Facade is made from a lightweight and durable plastic that is easy to install and can be used on both indoor and outdoor walls

-The Building Facade is perfect for both home and business owners who want to improve the look of their building without spending a lot of money

-The Building Facade comes in a variety of different colors and styles, so you can find the perfect one for your needs

-The Building Facade is a great way to add value to your property and make it look more attractive to potential buyers or tenants


Facades are one of the most visible and often-used elements in a building. They can make a building look imposing or delicate, depending on the design. There are many different types of facades, from simple brick walls to ornate wood paneling.Facades can also be used to control the amount of light and heat that enter a building. They can also add visual interest to a landscape or cityscape.


China building facade suppliers often suspend or attach to precast concrete panels will be made of metal or stones. Recently, more extravagant materials such as titanium have sometimes been used, but due to the high building façade price and sensitivity to the dyeing of the panel edges, these materials have not yet been popularized. Nowadays China building façade factory turns to glass.


China Building Facade Suppliers, Manufacturers, Factory - Price - Sunframe Facade


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