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Product category: Industrial profile


Type: Curtain Wall


Material: Aluminium/Glass

About China Point-supported facade:


Point-supported glass curtain wall, also known as point-fixed curtain wall or bolted glass system, is a frameless curtain wall composed of glass panels, point-fixed components on the glass panels and their supporting structures. A tension cable/rod system is used as the supporting structure for the point-fixed glass curtain wall. The whole structure system is composed of cables/rods, stainless steel rods, glass connecting claws, etc. According to the actual situation of the main structure, horizontal and vertical directions can be selected as the main force direction. The main force direction tension cable/rod is a two-way force system, which can adopt two forms of fish belly or cross type.


According to various elements of the system, it can be divided into tension cable system, tension cable/rod hybrid system, etc., and can be combined and applied flexibly. The main technical characteristics of the tension cable/rod system as a spatial tension structure support system are as follows.


1. The whole curtain wall has a strong sense of transparency, and the supporting system is simple and generous.


2. The special metal texture of stainless steel cables, rods and other elements highlights the unique structural beauty, and the decorative effect is extremely strong;


3. The system technology and manufacturing process are mature and reliable, and the accuracy and quality are easily guaranteed;


4. The system configuration is relatively simple and reasonable, economical and practical;


5. Space tension structure system requires a certain embedded size, occupying a certain internal space;


6. In the structural system, the pretension is all applied to the main structure at the boundary of the curtain wall, so the bearing capacity of the main structure needs to be increased accordingly.


China Point-supported facade


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