China structural glass facade - Sunframe Facade
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About China structural glass facade


China structural glass facade is a façade used to cover the exterior of a building, usually made of glass and metal, and can be used to create a variety of different looks for a building. China structural glass facade is a building façade that hangs from the exterior of a framed building rather than being directly attached to the building's skeleton, commonly used in high-rise buildings, and is gaining popularity for its versatility.


China structural glass facade


1. This makes China structural glass facade a popular choice for buildings with large windows, as it lets in more light and views without supporting the weight of the glass.


China structural glass facade


2. This allows for the use of large areas of glass or other transparent materials in China structural glass facade, which allow natural light in and provide views of the outdoors.


3. Curtain walls are often used in commercial buildings to create a sleek, modern look.


4. They are also popular in high-rise buildings because they allow floor-to-ceiling windows.


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