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Design: Can Make According to Customer’s Design


Application: Hotel, Apartment, Villa, Office Building, Mall, School

About China unitised curtain wall:


Features and advantages of unitised curtain wall:


The unitised curtain wall has excellent thermal efficiency:


The overall thermal performance of the curtain wall is a function of the glass infill, the frame, the structure behind the opaque (spange and column cover) areas, and the surrounding details.


The unitised curtain wall has strong moisture resistance:


The main purpose of the curtain wall is to keep air and water out of the building, and is essentially both a buffer and an insulator. Unlike discontinuous windows, they are smaller units that can largely rely on window sill waterproofing panels to capture frame corner leakage. The curtain wall covers a large area of ??the wall, and there is no window sill at each glass opening. Sunframe's specially patented curtain wall system is waterproof and water-permeable up to 1000Pa.


The unitised curtain wall has a unique visual appearance:


Sunframe has a strong design team with specially designed curtain wall systems. Thorough calculations and precise manufacturing are possible, providing a variety of aesthetic changes, allowing architects to use any combination of finishes, fillers, external feature caps, and glass specifications.


Features of unitised curtain wall:


Self-balancing tension cable fulcrum fixed curtain wall: It is composed of cable or tie rod and steel structure. The prestress of the cable or tie rod keeps itself balanced and stable. It can bear the external load by reducing the load transmitted to the main structure. The pre-stress of the cable or tie rod must be considered in the design. The prestress of the tension must be specified in advance. The actual installation must be carried out in strict accordance with the prescribed standards.


Single cable point fixed curtain wall: It is supported by a concave soft cable network and is composed of a large suspension cable and a single-layer line cross network point system. The large-scale suspension cable net system forms different concave folding curtain walls through advanced form-finding technology. The system has super seismic resistance between large cables and single-layer wired networks.


Glass rib fulcrum fixed curtain wall: The system has no steel structure and adopts glass rib support. Spider claws are connected to the solid thick glass ribs. The spider claw fasteners pass through the glass panel holes and clamp the glass panel after tightening. The top of the glass bar is fixed by a hook, and the bottom is flexible.


China unitised curtain wall


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