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Project Specs

Product Category: Industrial profile


Material: Aluminium/Glass


Application: Hotel, Apartment, Villa, Office Building, Mall, School

About Custom China glass facade:


The glass facade is the outer cladding of the building. The outer wall is non-structural, but it is non-structural to block the weather and occupants as a curtain wall. It can be made of lightweight materials to reduce construction costs. When glass is used as a curtain wall, a big advantage is that natural light can penetrate deeper into the building.


Glass facade can be divided into exposed frame glass curtain wall and hidden frame glass curtain wall.


1. Exposed frame glass curtain wall: a glass curtain wall with metal frame components exposed on the outer surface. It is framed with aluminum alloy profiles with special cross-sections, and the glass panels are fully embedded in the grooves of the profiles. Its characteristic is that the aluminum alloy profile itself has the dual functions of a skeleton structure and a fixed glass. The exposed frame glass curtain wall is the most traditional form, the most widely used, and reliable working performance. Compared with the hidden frame glass curtain wall, it is easier to meet the requirements of construction technology level.


2. Hidden frame The metal frame of the glass curtain wall is concealed on the back of the glass, and the metal frame is invisible outside. Hidden frame glass curtain wall can be divided into two types: full hidden frame glass curtain wall and semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall. The semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall can be horizontally bright and vertically hidden, or vertical bright and horizontally hidden. The structural feature of the hidden frame glass curtain wall is: the glass is on the outside of the aluminum frame, and the glass and the aluminum frame are bonded with silicone structural sealant. The load of the curtain wall is mainly borne by the sealant.


Advantages of glass facade:


1. Light weight but high rigidity and consistency, strong corrosion resistance, weather resistance and chemical resistance


2. Good plasticity


3. Smooth surface, easy to clean


4. Easy to fix and install


5. Recyclable materials are conducive to protecting the environment


6. Flexible size and shape


7. Unique design for different customers


Custom China glass facade


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