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Product Category: Industrial profile


Design: Can Make According to Customer’s Design


Application: Hotel, Apartment, Villa, Office Building, Mall, School

About Custom stick-built curtain wall:


The advantages of stick-built curtain wall are: the design, calculation and management are relatively simple and easy, and can withstand large installation errors; because of the small components, it is easy to store on the construction site; because the design and calculation are simple, the installation does not need to be long The preparation time; due to the simple production and the flexible installation system, more curtain wall contractors are able to build this type of curtain wall.


Benefits of stick-built curtain wall:


Frame supporting glass curtain wall: It is a glass curtain wall supported by a metal frame around the glass panel.


Exposed frame glass curtain wall: Exposed frame glass curtain wall is a glass curtain wall with metal frame components exposed on the outer surface.


Hidden frame glass curtain wall: Hidden frame glass curtain wall can be divided into fully hidden frame glass curtain wall and semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall. The semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall can be horizontally exposed and vertically hidden, or vertical and horizontally hidden.


The structural feature of the hidden frame glass curtain wall is: the glass is on the outside of the aluminum frame, and the glass and the aluminum frame are bonded with silicone structural sealant. The load of the curtain wall is mainly borne by the sealant.


Custom stick-built curtain wall


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