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Product Category: Industrial profile


Design: Can Make According to Customer’s Design


Application: Hotel, Apartment, Villa, Office Building, Mall, School

About Custom unit curtain wall:


The advantages of unit curtain wall over ordinary curtain wall:


Compared with ordinary walls, it is more beautiful.


Compared with ordinary walls, it is more heat-insulated.


Compared with ordinary walls, the plasticity is stronger, such as special-shaped glass curtain walls.


Compared with ordinary walls, the sense of space is better, after all, the glass is very thin.


Compared with ordinary walls, construction may also be faster.


Compared with other curtain walls, such as aluminum veneer curtain wall, stone curtain wall, ceramic board curtain wall, etc., the audience is wider.


Features of unit curtain wall:


1. Lightweight


In the comparison of the same area, the quality of unit curtain wall is about 1/10~1/12 of the whitewashed brick wall, 1/15 of the wetwork method wall with marble and granite finish, and 1/5~1 of the concrete hanging slab. /7. In general buildings, the quality of the inner and outer walls is about 1/4 to 1/5 of the total weight of the building. The use of curtain walls can greatly reduce the weight of the building, thereby reducing the cost of foundation engineering.


2. Flexible design


The artistic effect is good. Architects can design various shapes according to their own needs, which can present different colors, coordinate with the surrounding environment, and coordinate with the lighting to integrate the building with nature, and reduce the sense of oppression in high-rise buildings.


3. Strong earthquake resistance


With flexible design and strong wind and earthquake resistance, it is the best choice for tall buildings.


4. Systematic construction


Systematic construction is easier to control the construction period and takes less time.


Custom unit curtain wall


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