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Project Specs

Product Category: Industrial profile


Shape: Standard Plane


Application: Hotel, Apartment, Villa, Office Building, Mall, School

About Custom unitized curtain wall:


Benefits of unit curtain wall:


The unit curtain wall has a high degree of factory level. The glass and aluminum frames are all assembled in the processing plant and hung directly on the construction site. The unit curtain wall is generally suitable for the case of large plates. The difficulty of the unit curtain wall is the sealing problem between the plates.


The main features of the unit curtain wall;


1. Industrialized production, high assembly accuracy, effective construction period control, and significant economic and social benefits.


2. The unit adopts structural sealing, no need to fill sealant according to the size, the sealing is not affected by the weather, the main structure has strong adaptability to displacement, and is suitable for super high-rise, high-rise buildings and steel structures.


3. It has excellent air tightness, waterproofness, wind load deformation and plane deformation performance, and meets the high requirements of environmental protection and energy saving.


Custom unitized curtain wall


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