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Project Specs

Product name: Extremely narrow door


Material: Aluminium/Glass


Glass Curtain Wall Kind: Unitized/Stick/Spider


Shape: Standard Plane


Usage: Exterior Wall


Design: Can Make According to Customer’s Design


Application: Hotel, Apartment, Villa, Office Building, Mall, School

Product description

Smart life starts from the door. The extremely narrow frame automatic door adopts the track pulley support at the top to open and close the door. The opening mode can be selected, remote control, mobile phone control, infrared sensor, facial recognition machine, fingerprint cipher machine, wireless switch and various opening modes can meet different needs. Therefore, it is very convenient to enter and exit the door. It is smooth and silent in the process of opening or closing, which can create a very quiet atmosphere. The automatic door adopts the simple European style with black frame. The overall shape is very fashionable. It can add luster to the overall decoration effect when used in home decoration.


Where are extremely narrow doors mainly used in family houses?

1. Balcony automatic sliding door, kitchen automatic sliding door, toilet automatic sliding door, bedroom automatic sliding door, community unit entrance door.

2. Portable life began to enter more families. With the evolution of intelligent hardware, our company also produced an automatic sliding door driven entirely by magnetic field.

3. High safety: Although the aluminum alloy narrow frame adopts 45 * 16 profile, the strength is not reduced. The aluminum alloy narrow frame flush door leaf adopts 2.0m wall thickness reinforced profile, and uses tempered glass and process glass at the same time, which contains the power to ensure the safety of use. The ultra narrow frame can obtain a large field of vision, which is open and transparent. It solves the installation of small space and the installation complexity of the installation master, which is more convenient!


Parameter table of extremely narrow door

Machine length: 2000mm

Gantry crane height: 67.3mm

Door crane rigidity: 47mm

Door opening range: 500-1050mm

Door leaf weight: 50-150kg

Door opening speed: 0.2-0.5m/s

Closing speed: 0.2-0.5m/s

Dwell time of door opening in place: 0-30s

Working ambient temperature: - 40 ℃ - 60 ℃

Rated power: 120W (enhanced version 300W)

Average round trip power: 30W

In place closing force: 10N by permanent magnet suction (no power supply, energy saving)

Manual opening force: < < 10N

In place shear pressure: < < 10N


About China ventilated facades:


Main features of China ventilated facades:


1. With flexible construction methods and mature technique, it is a structural form of China ventilated facades applied widely at present.


2. With strong adaptability of main structure, the installation sequence will not be influenced by main structure.


3. Using sealant for materials sealing, with good water tightness, air tightness, good thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and the ability to resist certain relative storey movement.


4. Unit components of the panel materials are made in factory so that performance of structural sealant could be well guaranteed.


China ventilated facades is another widely used external protection system. Nowadays, we have most mature technology and best construction capability. China ventilated facades is a frame supported curtain wall, for which mullions, transoms, and panel are installed on site in a proper order. The panel materials are processed into unit components in the factory and then fixed on the frame, which consist of mullions and transoms. The load received by the unit components of the panel materials will be transmitted to the main structure via the mullions(or transoms).


China ventilated facades


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