Curtain wall conventional standard profile - Flat bar aluminum alloy
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Product name: China custom fameless facade


After-sales Service: Free Replacement If Any Broken


Warranty: 10 Years


Open: Opening


Material: Glass

Curtain wall conventional standard profile - Flat bar aluminum alloy


Conventional curtain wall profiles are flat bar aluminum alloy profiles that are typically used in high-rise residential and commercial construction. They offer good fire resistance, strength and durability, and a sleek, modern appearance. They can be installed using pre-manufactured panels or custom fabricated panels.


Flat bar aluminum alloy curtain wall profile is a type of curtain wall system that uses thin flat bars to form the structural elements of the curtain wall. The bars are attached at intervals along the curtain wall's length and then bent into shape to create the desired profile. Flat bar aluminum alloy curtain walls are an affordable and easy to install option, and they can be customized to create a variety of different profiles.


Curtain Wall Conventional Standard Profile - Flat bar aluminum alloy Supplier - Sunframefacade


Curtain wall profile flat bar aluminum alloy supplier Sunframefacade offers a conventional standard profile with a flat bar for the best in structural integrity and corrosion resistance. The standard profile is perfect for curtain walls, as it provides a sleek look with minimal weight and no structural obstructions. With a variety of finishes and options available, Sunframefacade has the perfect curtain wall solution for your project.


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