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In comparison of the same area, the quality of the unitized curtain wall is approximately 1/10 to 1/12 of that of the painted brick wall, which is 1/15 of the wetwork wall of marble and granite veneers, and 1/5 to 1/1 of the concrete hanging plate. In general, the quality of interior and exterior walls is about 1/4 to 1/5 of the total weight of the building. China manufacturers can greatly reduce the weight of the building, thereby reducing the cost of the foundation project.

About China Unitized Curtain Wall Fabrication  


Unitized curtain wall fabrication is a new and innovative way to build curtain walls. The process allows for the curtain walls to be built in sections, which makes the process faster and more efficient. This method also cuts down on the amount of material that needs to be used, making it more cost-effective.


Unitized curtain wall fabrication means creating a curtain wall made up of many small panels, or panels that are connected together without intervening framing members. This type of curtain wall is often used in residential applications where aesthetics and energy efficiency are important considerations. The panels can be manufactured from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and glass, and the finished product can be very sleek and modern looking.


Unitized curtain wall fabrication is a new technology that is quickly becoming the industry standard. This process allows for walls to be fabricated in one continuous piece, which eliminates the need for multiple cuts and seams. Additionally, this method results in a cleaner and neater installation than traditional curtain wall installation methods.


Unitized curtain wall fabrication is a new way to construct curtain walls that offers many benefits over traditional curtain wall construction methods. These benefits include:


  • Unitized curtain walls are faster to install-saving time on the job site
  • Unitized curtain walls are more accurate and consistent-providing a higher quality finished product
  • Unitized curtain walls use less material-saving you money on your project
  • Unitized curtain walls are easier to maintain-keeping your building looking great for years to come
  • Unitized curtain walls are an environmentally friendly option-using less energy and resources in their production


China Unitized Curtain Wall Fabrication Suppliers, Manufacturers, Factory - Sunframe Facade


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China Unitized Curtain Wall Fabrication Suppliers, Manufacturers, Factory offers high quality curtain wall fabrics with various materials and patterns. The curtain wall fabrics can be customized to meet specific needs of customers. The fabrics are manufactured using the latest technology and are of superior quality. The factory also offers a wide range of curtain wall products such as curtain walls, drapes, valances, and blinds.


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