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Product Category: Industrial profile


Type: Curtain Wall


Frame Curtain Wall Kind: Exposed/Semi-Exposed/Mix Frame

About Custom Mashrabiya facade:


Advantages of Mashrabiya facade:


1. Light weight.


The dead weight of the glass curtain wall is generally /m2, lighter than the curtain wall made of ordinary concrete, lightweight concrete, ordinary clay brick, hollow brick and granite slab.


2. Improve the seismic performance of buildings.


The glass curtain wall is lighter than concrete, bricks, etc. At the same time, due to the suspension structure, floating nodes, and good adaptability of inter-story displacement, the building envelope structure system has excellent seismic performance.


3. Realize the industrialization of construction.


The construction and on-site installation of glass curtain wall buildings can be simplified, fast and civilized.


4. The raw materials can be recycled and reused.


The main materials of glass curtain wall are steel structure, aluminum alloy, glass and other building materials. Steel, aluminum alloy frames and glass panels are all green building materials that can be recycled and reused. Glass curtain walls also have some limitations, such as light pollution and high energy consumption. In addition, the clean and transparent natural beauty of the glass curtain wall is not tolerant of pollution, especially in the northern regions where the atmosphere is dusty, air pollution is serious, and drought and rain are less.


Custom Mashrabiya facade


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