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Frame Curtain Wall Kind: Exposed/Semi-Exposed/Mix Frame


Glass Curtain Wall Kind: Unitized/Stick/Spider

About Custom double skin facade:


The installation of doors and windows constitutes a part of the decoration of the home. A good structure of doors and windows can make the living room full of light, and the quietness of the room depends on the choice of glass, especially in the busy and prosperous section of the road, the double skin facade has become their decoration. The first choice, what is double skin facade? Double skin facade really has such a magical function. It can effectively achieve the sound insulation effect. Let us take this question to understand what is double glazing.


The double skin facade is usually used to seal windows and balconies. The sound insulation and sealing effect is very good. The double skin facade is suitable for all kinds of balconies such as U-shaped, arc-shaped, flat-shaped, L-shaped, etc.


The double skin facade is usually made of two pieces of ordinary glass or tempered glass with a desiccant in the middle, and then treated with sealant. The double skin frosted glass is made of diffused light due to the roughness of the surface. After reflection, the light is transmitted without perspective, so that the indoor light is soft and not dazzling. It is usually used in hidden bathrooms or toilets.


The buckle wall of the double skin facade is tough and durable. The exterior is made of galvanized layer, complex salt and stain removal treatment, which is abrasion-resistant and scratch-resistant and is not easy to peel off the paint. The splicing surface in the middle is completely cut and there are no gaps. Make the doors and windows firm and beautiful.


Custom double skin facade


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